TY+TY Concept

Is a sustainable housing project conceived and designed by a team of students, teachers and experts. With this project we want to demonstrate that today in France, we can design and build a high performance building and adapted to its environment with local knows-how and materials at an affordable price . And thus, make the architecture sustainable and accessible.



Ty+Ty, what is this ? Our region is the Brittany, so we have brought a local answer : Ty + Ty ! It means “House + House” in Breton

Ty + Ty is a housing project :


With Ty+TY, we offer the renovation of intensive energy houses and a soft densification of their plots. That means, renovate the old buildings of the town center and add a new house.

On their plot. So have a [old] house + a [new] house => Ty + Ty


Why ?

Because the old buildings, consume a lot of energy! Because Brittany produces a few of energy while its population increases.

Today new houses are built far from the centres, the schools and the workplaces. The urban planners names this trend “Urban Spread”, it means that the cities are expanding in the blank spaces as the forest, the fields…

All these spaces that make the Brittany a beautiful area Besides that, the old houses of the town center are empty because they have lost their attractiveness and they are become very difficult to maintain.

A dual problem: On the one hand, the cities are increasingly expanding but on the other hand the market towns become increasingly empty.

By renovating the houses of the market towns and increasing the density of their plot in order to house the new Brittany population, Ty+Ty saves the fields, connects the resident of the services, decreases their journey time, revives the market towns and towns…

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