Bêta Prototype Presentation

Sustainable Breton housing of tomorrow

Before building the Ty+Ty project during the Solar Decathlon competition, the team of the Team Solar Bretagne, it embarks on a first challenge: the design and the achievement of a first scale 1 prototype. Real exhibition hall, this model is the physical support of the team project and a operation vector for the value of the  construction and the sustainable housing in Brittany.

Since December of 2015, nearly 50 students from 6 academic institutions have participated in the construction of this model. Wooden structure, furniture, insulation, joinery, electricity, virtual reality… many tasks have been execute by a novice or a experimented handyman in collaboration with a “compagnon” carpenter. It is the opportunity to learn a lot about the site operations.

From the September 2016, the Bêta prototype will take the shape of a travelling exhibition in Brittany. This means the prototype will move from city to city, from September 2016 to July 2017. Consequently, the TY+TY prototype will become a real communication asset for partners of the Team Solar Bretagne, actors of sustainable development in building and actors of the ecoconstruction and innovation.

In order to open the prototype to the general public, a scenography telling the story of the project will complete the information. Models To this, models, videos, imageries, materials library, augmented reality and animations will be added, in order to permit visitors to figure out all the elements of the project: materials, technologies, architecture, urbanism, sociology, engineering, energy…

Thank to our partners which have supported us for this first project

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